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In the business world, it's a very common occurrence that people need support in one area or another. Since there's no magical remedy that works for every problem, acts begins by finding out what areas need attention in your particular situation.

Our highly motivated team has a wealth of know-how, gained through many years of practical experience.

Whether you need consultancy as an individual, your company is at a turning point, you're questioning existing structures, you've founded a start-up, or you need a network to realise your ideas – you can always count on acts.

Since 1998, acts has been successfully supporting companies and individuals in a wide variety of situations.


What's important to us

  • The work acts does is open, clear, connective, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

    For us, the following values are essential:
    • Sustainability
    • Environmental protection
    • Clarity
    • Openness in every aspect
    • Ability to make connections

    Christoph Urech
    CEO, Owner
Tailored for You

Our Services

The different services provided by acts have a common denominator: They are tailor-made for you, the customer, and they bring you further.

Management Consultancy

An outside person can usually look at situations to be solved from a completely new point of view.

>>You can find more about our consulting here

Strategic Project Management

Are you looking for someone to fly a project or part of a project?

>>You can find more about our strategic project management here

Investment Solutions

You have founded a start-up or are looking for a financing for an ingenious project?

>>You can find more about our investment solutions here

Company Sales

In the last 20 years acts has made a respectable name for sales of companies.

>>You can find more about our company sales here